Exterior photos

Villa Exterior Photos

Take a virtual tour of our villa's stunning exterior with our comprehensive photo gallery. From the architectural elegance of the building to the lush greenery of the surrounding gardens, our exterior photos showcase the luxury and beauty of the property.

Villa Julijud Amenities

Our villa offers an array of luxurious amenities including private pool, fully equipped kitchen, comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms, and access to on-site fitness facilities, to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Swimming Pool
Private Territory
Bars & Cafes

What Our Customer Say About Us

Discover the exceptional experiences of our satisfied guests with our customer testimonials page. Read through the heartfelt and detailed reviews of previous visitors to our villa and learn about their memorable stays with us.

Everything you need for relaxed holiday with family

This is a perfect stay especially for families with kids. Not only that you have private pool and nice outdoor space, but just few steps from house you will find additional activity for little ones: trampoline, little playground, small football field… Location is quiet and cosy, and nearby you can find grocery store, some restaurants… everything you need for relaxed holiday with family. Would recommend.




House is very large and looks exactly like the photos

The house is very large and looks exactly like the photos. The sauna was very easy to serve and very pleasant. We were a small group and were able to spend good time together everywhere. I didn’t expect dogs from others and so many insects and spiders in the pool and in the house. You might want to bring your own bug sprays. All in one, I would give 4 out of 5 points.